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Velux Sun Tunnels

Fresh Air - Capture

A View - Let in Light

Velux Skylights

Skylights offer more than just a light source into the home. They offer a view of the outside world from inside the home. Whether it is simply the sky and clouds, or a wonderful forest, water view, or mountain view, these windows in your roof offer visual interest, scenery, and additional colour into the home.The Velux GDL Cabrio opens and closes with the flick of a switch, and simply pull down or push out, simple and easy. This is far cheaper than building a dormer on a roof, and very straight forward to install. If you have a roof that is steeper, find out how you can capture new space, enjoy the light and the view, with this unique new innovation.


A natural source of light is always preferred to artificial. And skylights once installed do not require energy to operate, except for those that use opening (venting) skylights, and even then, the only energy that is expended is when one opens or closes the units which is not very often.

Velux Sun Tunnels bring in bright natural light all day, at no cost. Imagine ... free energy and light !

They come in typical 14" and 21" width models, as well as their smaller 10". The reflective pipe that comes down through the attic.

Venting skylights can be opened manually, via an extension pole for mid-height areas, and for really high ceilings or hard to get at skylights, we suggest electric opening skylights.

Accessories that are available include light block shades, venetian blinds, electric opening controls, remote controls, and even solar powered light block shades.

A wide variety of blinds, both manual and electric operated, as well as solar powered, are available on many models of Velux Skylights


Another feature skylights offer is a source of natural ventilation and fresh air. We have found that opening skylights (Velux calls them "Venting" skylights) offers an effective way to get rid of summer heat build up inside homes, without resorting to expensive air conditioning. If one opens a window or door in the lower floor of a home, and opens up a venting skylight, warm naturally flows out through the raised vented skylight, reducing heat build up and therefore keeping the home cooler than it would be otherwise. You don't have to make every skylight open, but those that do open will greatly contribute to an improvement in the standard of comfort in that home.

VELUX roof windows are designed for in-reach applications that require egress emergency escape capabilities. Examples include above-garage bonus rooms, lofts, and finished attic spaces.

Imagine ... on steep roofs, having a skylight that can change in an instant into a railed balcony opening ... simply FABULOUS !


Blinds and
Velux Balcony
Roof Window

Velux offers a leak free skylight assurance if you use their skylight flashing kit, follow their instructions, and use a waterproof membrane strip around the skylight unit prior to installing their flashings. Therefore one does not have to worry about whether a skylight might leak. This warranty is available on the Velux Deck-Mounted skylights.

There is no better time to add a skylight than while you are building a roof, or replacing your roofing materials.

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