About Us...

"Frank Packard is born and raised in the Highlands and is well known in the community."

With over 30 years experience Algonquin Roofing Inc. is proud to provide quality roofing services to the Haliburton Highlands and surrounding areas. 

We are experienced in both residential and commercial applications.

Shingles, metal and cedar are just a few of the products we install. New VELUX skylights are our specialty.

Venting is extremely important especially in this area where ice damming is a nightmare. There are venting solutions for every situation and we will recommend the right one for you!

Algonquin Roofing is fully insured by WSIB and $2million liability. Our staff is knowledgeable and courteous and provide an immaculate site clean up when the work is completed.

Call for a FREE estimate and Frank will be happy to come out and discuss your roofing needs with you and show you the many roofing products available!

Some Unique  Roofs


Algonquin Roofing is BP Certified Roofer

The BP Certified Roofer Program is one of the most comprehensive and most powerful programs available to the trade. Since 2002, certified roofers have had access to benefits far beyond anything previously available to the roofing contractor.

BP Certified Roofers are the only ones to offer extended warranties on all BP shingles.

This unique program is reserved for select roofers that meet stringent criteria. These include :

  • A minimum of 5 years as a legal entity ;

  • In possession of all the legal permits necessary to practice as a professional roofer ;

  • A minimum of $1,000,000 insurance as well as Workman's Compensation coverage ;

  • A reputation of quality workmanship and integrity.


BP Certification is reserved for the best roofers in the industry!


To become a BP Certified Roofer, a roofing company must be staffed by highly trained professionals. All crew chiefs and supervisors are trained and evaluated in accordance with the BP published systems requirements and product installation procedures.

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